People Are Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Weed-Infused Chocolate

Whether enjoying your single status in 420 fashion or looking to impress a special someone with sativa, people are celebrating Valentine’s Day with weed-infused chocolate.

If you’re lucky enough to live where recreational marijuana is legal, you have an overwhelming number of cocoa-cannabis options. And these chocolates go way beyond a grassy home-cooked brownie. From infused wild strawberries to matcha-flavored edibles, here’s what to get your (smoking) partner this Valentine’s Day.

1. Défoncé

With a French name that translates to ‘intoxicated’, Défoncé crafts some of the most aesthetic edibles on the market.

Their delicacies range from hazelnut to matcha, making these bars a tantalizing option for that classy cannabis connoisseur in your life. And with exclusively THC-infused products (5 mg per serving), Défoncé bars are the perfect way to celebrate V-Day.

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