G9 510nail--the best mini portable dabrig tool

G9 510nail is the first portable dabrig which can work with box mod, enjoy more powerful dabbing experience. Can fit kinds of concentrates like wax, shatter, butane, etc. Best seller enail from Greenlightvapes.

510nail with led light color, which can let people directly see if device heat or not. Keep safe. Different led light color available for different favorites.

Work with Wismec, just 50w work amazing! 5 second Heat up time, enjoy the best dabbing time. Like a 510threaded mod attachment.

People enjoy different taste choice from different nails--Grade 2 Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz

Right now, just click www.greenlightvapes.com enjoy discount, and take your G9 510nail home! Wholesale price we discuss at http://bit.ly/2dpxxPJ

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