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I must say overall I am quite impressed with my new Mini ENail.

From the fast shipping and excellent communication with the manufacturer, to presentation and functionality of the unit, added to the low price, it can’t be beat! I received my unit about 2 weeks ago which happened to be the day before a blizzard, and for the first time in a long time I looked forward to getting snowed in. I had a new toy! I opened the shipping box and pulled out the attractive silver carrying case. It’s not only nice looking but does a great job of protecting the unit and its accessories because it’s packed with tight foam padding that holds everything in place, i.e. cords, carb cap, nails, etc. It came with a set of basic instructions, which would be the only thing I’d say wasn’t completely satisfying. This was for 2 reasons, one is because they are vague and some customers may have trouble putting it together or using it properly, and secondly because the warranty is not up to date. It says the product has only a 1 year warranty but this particular unit has a lifetime warranty, which is wonderful.

The control unit itself is sleek and small, hence the name Mini ENail. You can leave it out on a table with the heating coil unattached and it won’t look like an E-Nail at all. The heating coil cord is thick with a nice braided nylon over the wires and the power cord is just as sturdy. The coil itself is nice and thick also, not like many others on the market that are thin and cheap. I was definitely impressed with the size and thickness of this coil. I was equally impressed with the nail it comes with, which in my opinion is similar to an ‘INFINITi’ Grade 2 titanium nail- a high quality and quite popular concentrate nail. The nail included works with both 14 and 18mm male or female glass pieces- it’s quite accommodating. You can use it with any piece you have as soon as you get it. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to use your favorite piece, or your only piece just because you don’t have the right fitting nail.

Lastly, but definitely not least important is the carb cap included. This is also Grade 2 titanium and has a good dabber at the end of it. It truly compliments the nail and without a doubt intensifies the effects by trapping the vapors so they do not escape, therefore allowing you to use half as much concentrate. It is amazing and has made me a firm believer of this product. But if that isn’t enough to sway any skeptic, then this next benefit will. No more butane/propane torch! The Mini ENail will completely eliminate the torch from your life. It’s quicker, easier and more efficient. Again, it’s hard to beat.

Once I took everything out of the case and set it on my table, I made sure to first season my nail properly. This is an important step some people forget about so I will also be doing a video on how to season your nail before using it for the first time. After my nail was ready for use I connected all the cords and got ready to do my first proper low temp. dab on my Mini ENail. I must say it was the tastiest dab I’ve ever vaped. It was like dabbing for the first time all over again. I was skeptical at first figuring the e-nails were mostly hype, but after a week of steady use (A.K.A. heavy use) I am now a true believer. I’m using less dabs, but getting more out of each one. It’s more convenient as it’s about as simple as turning on my Keurig coffee maker in the morning. Plus there’s no more obnoxious and possibly dangerous torch involved. Overall it’s not only safer, cleaner and easier but you’re actually saving money in the long run.

It gets even better with the lifetime warranty. Although the instructions state only a 1 year warranty, they offer a lifetime warranty on their top 4 sellers which includes the Mini ENail. And unlike many other companies, everyone over at GreenLight Vapes has been very good about getting right back to me regarding any questions I had. There are also a variety of units if this one doesn’t suit your particular needs, all at amazing prices. Add all of this to the extremely fast shipping and the quality product, GreenLight Vapes is a force to be reckoned with. They are unbeatable! Keep in mind that I will be doing an unboxing video to show you exactly how to set everything up, and you can watch my video review shown below. Even if you’re already familiar with E-nails you should check it out.

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